sexta-feira, outubro 22, 2010



Why you always bring me down

Making me feel like a fucking clown

Don’t know where I’m supposed to be

That’s a feeling that I feel endlessly

Why can’t you be happy with what you already have?

And don’t think about the things you could have had

There’s so much beauty in life

Sometimes you should think twice

There’s so much love everywhere

Here and there…

We’ve accomplished so much

And so many things as such

We’ve never dreamed of

We must not feel lost

We should enjoy life as much as we can

Cause tomorrow may never be there again

And sometimes even when we don’t feel very lucky

That’s because we suffer from short-term memory

Cause we are always luckier than someone else

And then we realize that, at the end, we are one of the luckiest people on earth

Escrevi este poema há umas semanas atrás, o primeiro escrito em inglês, e era assim que me sentia mas felizmente tudo se ultrapassou, e ficou 5 estrelas :)

Mel Ferreira

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